Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspiration of the Coffeewallah

Even though I have been in tech for years, I never thought that I would ever be blogging in any form. However, two things this year changed my outlook on blogging.

Firstly, I starting using twitter ( Twitter is an amazing 'micro-blogging' services that lets you express yourself and interact with persons , of course in 140 word or less per tweet. Twitter has opened my eyes to the amazing experience that is social networking. I would recommend twittering to anyone for both social and work related networking.

Secondly, I was encouraged by several bloggers I regularly follow. Specifically, the Coffeewallah blog "Reflections from a Caffeine hyped point of view" . Specifically as a fellow Trinidadian blogger of similar mind and ilk, I feel very inspired by the Coffee's writings and ability to express and even entertain. She actually dubbed me "Coffeedude" when after I commented on her blog several times. I fell so storngly about it, that I dedicate this debut post to the Coffeewallah.

I don't know exactly where this blog is going. My intentions are to play it by ear and just be myself. Twittering and reading blogs has taught me that most of the prolific (and seemingly content) social broadcasters do just this.

Welcome, enjoy and I look forward to your comments and interactions.


  1. hey Coffeedude,

    welcome to Blogistan! you did ask for tips etc on twitter so here goes. your blog is difficult to read because of the dark background. you may want to redesign it for readability and general user-friendliness.

    i think you could blog about twitter and why its useful etc, family anecdotes such as you sometimes twitter about, eg your wife with her feet in your lap or the third child on the way etc. life in tnt.

    but also all the technological stuff you seem to do on a day to day basis would be interesting to hear about...

    so good luck, i look forward to following.

  2. Annie...I really appreciate the advice and suggestions for topics. I will cretainly do that. Congrats on being the first person to comment on my blog! I'll figure out an appropriate prize in a bit.


  3. Dude, welcome to the blogosphere, it's about time to played with the rest of us in the sandbox.

    As for what to write about, don't think about it, just let it flow, you'll find myriad things that you want to's your space. Good to have you here.

    And most of all, thank you for the compliment, greatly appreciated.

  4. Dude

    Welcome...Coffeewallah got me started too, look forward to reading

  5. It makes me happy to see you here Coffee. From the Slackers comment, I am obviously not the only one to hold you in such high regard.

    Slacker, I am really impressed with your 'chronicles' on your blog. I dont usually comment but it doesnt mean that I dont appreciate the excellent writing.