Sunday, March 1, 2009

Steven Weathers - vlogger from Shanghai

I'd like to introduce Steven Weathers to my blogging friends. Steven is this amazing University Professor, actor and amateur director of his own documentaries who has been sending steady streams of fascinating videos, tweets and pics about Chinese architecture, food, lifestyle and culture.

Following Steven on Twitter alone is like experiencing life in Shanghai firsthand. His candid, down-to-earth encounters with all strata of Chinese society is utterly captivating. This amazing to me particularly as someone who's grandfather came from this ancient place.

Did I mention his birthday is the day after mine? We both did have a chuckle about that.

Steven's warmth and outgoing personality endears him to everyone he meets on his journeys in China as well as in the Twitterverse. I encourage you to join him on his adventures.

Youtube Channel:

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